Create your own freestyle kilo box

Create your own freestyle kilo box

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Introducing the freestyler... allowing you to choose up to 6 options from the list below to create your own unique kilo box. 


Please let us know in the comments box at checkout which 6 from the list below you would like in your box. 


White choc mice . White choc fish and chips. Milk choc frogs . Pink choc pigs.  White choc skulls. Milk choc jazzie. White choc jazzie. Chocolate eclairs.  Vanilla fudge. Toffee crumble


watermelons. Bubblegum bottles. Gummys. Colas. Peaches.  Fizzy mix. Cherry colas. Cables. Giant blue bottles. Giant colas. Kisses. Cherrys. 


Fish. Stars. Bears. Giant dummy.  Cola bottle. Skulls. Cables. Teeth. Yellow belly snakes. Hearts. Fried eggs. Frogs. Rings. Cables. Dolphins. Strawberry milkshakes. Cherrys. Giant colas. Crocodiles. 

Old fashion sweets

Spogs.  Pontefract cakes. Jelly beans. Mint imperial's.  Candy sticks. Dolly mixture. liquorice allsorts. Liquorice torpedoes. Jelly babys. Jelly teddies. Aniseed balls. White candy sticks. American hard gums. Wine gums. Jelly beans. 


Rhubarb and custard.  Bananas. Strawberry.  foam mushrooms. Shrimps. Mermaids. Candy necklace. 

Wrapped boiled sweets

Cough candy. Chocolate limes. Mintoes.  Vanilla fudge. Black jacks. Fruit salad. Lemon sherberts.  Blackcurrant and liquorice.  Sweet peanuts. Barley sugars. Eclairs.